There we go, something to commemorate the day I sent every gif of JK I’ve made to my friend Sayuri, who has never seen Kamen Rider in her life. Also commemorating her getting a tumblr and messaging me, I guess.

diddly doodles tryin’ to get used to a tablet again


Kanato Sakamaki requested by → fudayk

⤷ “You’re so incredibly foolish. It’s so cute it makes me laugh.”




Ryoma Sengoku 🍋 Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 38 brings the return of Professor Ryoma who is back from his space vacation. What else could we have expected him to wear when he’s not in a lab coat? His outfit is extremely flamboyantly on-trend, featuring printed shorts and a color-blocked trench both from Japanese brand Kingly Mask. The rest of the look is pretty accessible: a slim fit white button-down with double pockets, striped socks, and red hiking boots! And don’t forget to accessorize with a ring, watch, a sleek ponytail.

KINGLY MASK Recycled Cotton Leaf Pattern Shorts in HA-2B (Sold out)

KMK BY KINGLY MASK Altair Bi-Color Napoleon Long Coat (Sold out)

IZOD White Button-Down

RED WING Vintage Red Steel Toe Work Boot

TOPECO Striped Socks

CASIO Brown Leather Analog Watch


Summer Wars(2009) 

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Legacies  Robin 

And Batman needs a Robin. No matter what he think he wants.